Live Illustration for Events and Conferences

Live illustration (also called ‘scribing’, ‘graphic’ or ‘visual note-taking’ or ‘graphic recording’) is a great way to enhance a conference, seminar or event. These illustrations always prove very popular with attendees, who have a chance to see them develop throughout the day. The cartoons are a fun and useful way to remember key points from the event and also act as a great way for delegates to discuss the subject and network, often with people taking photos and tweeting about the day. At the end of the event the boards are photographed and digitised for the client to use how they wish (on social media/in program notes/online etc.).


Happy Apple is experienced at providing visualisations for Insight Group work, perfect for market research companies to present their findings back to their clients. Sketches can include product and packaging ideas and consumer needs and narrative that emerges during consumer and co-creation group discussions. (These visualisations are always confidential and stay with the client, illustrations on this site are purely examples).