Short Online Animation for Public Health England

Happy Apple Design London worked on a new 10 second animation for Public Health England's online campaign 'One You' promoting a healthy lifestyle and simple exercise. Above are the final slides for the storyboard. The animation starts with the familiar sight of a street sign showing a man walking, the man the animates and walks directly out of the sign, starting his journey to health. The animation needed to bring home to viewers the simple everyday steps we can all take to improve our health and highlighted that just a brisk 10 minute walk to the shops counts towards our fitness and well being. It needed to be simple and clear to work within the 10 second time frame. We used the One You branded colours of teal and yellow to tie into the online app. The yellow was useful to highlight certain words and the briskness of the walking. It was a great project to work on with Crooked House Films, working to a tight time frame and a clear goal. This animation was a follow up to the video we did in January introducing the 'One You' app with Professor Muir Gray.