Chalkboard Animation and Illustrations for UBS Unlimited World

Happy Apple landed a great job working on adding illustration and animation to a short film for Unlimited World.

Unlimited World, who are powered by UBS, are a platform bringing together different communities to create a global network discussing some of life's big questions around the subjects of Time, Wealth and Experiences. The two minute work featured Professor Stephen Hawking discussing the subject of Time whilst sat in a study. The brief was to add some visual elements in the background of the film which illustrated the topic. We didn't want to detract from the narration and the Professor so we decided to illustrate on the black board in the background and blend it with the writing and the Unlimited logo which were already on there. We used a chalk line which we created in Photoshop to draw the elements and used some frame by frame drawn animation as well as After Effects to create the movement.

The subject of time and infinity is a fairly abstract theme to illustrate, so we played around with various ideas using the movement of the world and stars, a moebius strip, atoms and people in different stages of their lives to create subtle references. This was a wonderful project to work on with an interesting subject and it allowed us to use different techniques to create a unique effect.