Live Illustration Cartoon for IFF Research

3rd December, 2019
Last week I had the pleasure of creating a live illustration for London based IFF Research seminar on Creative problem solving. It was a really interesting evening with 3 different speakers from the fields of sports psychology, sport strategy and the Centre of Responsible Credit.During the evening I captured key points of discussion using graphics […]
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London Live Illustration Scribe at IAS Conference.

3rd December, 2019
My latest live illustration or scribing session, was for the Institute of Alcohol Studies conference on 'Alcohol Marketing and Protecting the Vulnerable'. A fascinating topic to capture with live illustrations and a great organisation to work for. I created the illustrations whilst listening to the different presentations and worked into them further during the lunch […]
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Live Illustration and Scribing at ORGCon19

19th July, 2019
I recently had the pleasure of doing some live illustration at the Open Rights Group London conference. A fascinating day and so much to draw!! If you aren't familiar with live-illustration (also called scribing, graphic recording, live-toons, and live drawing), the illustrator basically listens in at a conference and captures the key points in a […]
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Live Illustration 'Scribe' for London Based Company

1st July, 2019
Happy Apple recently was commissioned to 'live illustrate' at a day long conference in Reading for a London based company. Illustrating on foam board at the side of the room key points of the conversation were captured in a fun and visual way. This was then photographed and put into a digital format to send […]

Animation for Climate Ed.

24th June, 2019
Happy Apple recently finished an animation for Climate Ed -a London based charity which educates Primary and Secondary school children about the science and solutions to climate change. It was great to meet the team from Climate Ed and find out more about what they do and their successes so far. Interestingly they were keen […]
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Beauty Illustrations for M&S

1st June, 2019
London design agency Mess Creative approached Happy Apple for a set of illustrations for a beauty manual they were putting together for Marks & Spencers. The manual was to have diagrams of skin structure, skin care and beauty tips. Working with the agency Happy Apple came up with a set of clean and feminine illustrations […]

Live Event Illustrations

28th May, 2019
Live illustrations and sketches during events or meetings can be a great memory jogger and 'take home' for attendees. Contact Happy Apple if you want more information.