Animation for Sustainable Merton's Food Waste campaign.

London based Happy Apple recently created a simple animation for Sustainable Merton, an organisation campaigning for a more sustainable way of living and committed to educating and supporting the community to take steps to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The animation was to coincide with the council's new rubbish collection scheme which was partly set up to encourage residents to use their food waste bins more regularly. Sustainable Merton wanted to highlight some main benefits and explain why its important not to just throw your food rubbish on the tip.

Having met with the team I suggested a couple of key points to illustrate and draw people in. Did you know that 6 teabags when recycled can produce enough electricity to boil another cup of tea?? I certainly didn't! Because the video was going to go out on social media we wanted it to work well without sound, as most people have their sound muted when scrolling through facebook. So text was added to get the key points across and this was accompanied by animated illustrations, which are revealed in a way similar to a whiteboard animation, and then come to life. The hand drawn style of the illustrations was chosen to make the video feel friendly and informal, less lecturing and more engaging. The colours of the animation were to grab attention and also tie in with the colour pallet of the Sustainable Merton brand's website and logo.

You can see the whole animation HERE.