Animation for Dogs Trust Annual Report 2017

London based Happy Apple Design was privileged to be asked to create an engaging animation for the dogs charity Dogs Trust. Focussing on the achievements the charity had made during the previous years we created Brian the central dog character, reading from their 2017 Annual Report in a deadpan voice, while animated dogs played and engaged in funny ways with the statistics and information coming up on screen. Included is a dog doing a bottom scoot, a dog gulping a bowl of biscuits in one go, dogs barking in the House of Commons, chasing squirrels, teaching a class good doggy etiquette and passing a dog school class with their human friends.

In the illustrations and cartoons we used a paired down colour pallet which highlighted the yellow and black of the Dogs Trust brand, and a naive line art style to add character and warmth to the animation. This project was a huge amount of fun to work on and we were really pleased with the end result. The final animation was pushed on social media, twitter, insta stories and facebook.

Please view the actual animation HERE.